DIN A3 drawing


The DIN A3 drawings 420 x 297 mm (16,54 x 11,69 inch) are derived from the A1 basic drawing but they differ slightly in one aspects: the sails are drawn before the mast and for that reason the bunt- and leechlines are visible and of course the remaining rigging is less visible.

The A3 ship drawings are only available in full color and with a limited description which read: countryname; shiptype; shipname; year when laid down and scale. Thus for the above shown Kruzenstern: "Russian barque Kruzenstern 1925 scale 1:300". This description is available in six languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese (one per drawing).

All ships are drawn on scale 1:300, when ships drawings are framed next to each other, they are scaled to their corresponding real sizes. To get an impression the Kruzenstern shown above has an overall length of 114,4 meter (367 feet), the Sagres upper thumbnail left 89,5 meter (293,6 feet) and the Palinuro lower thumbnail left 68,9 meter (226 feet).